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Organizational Development

Purpose and Policy specialize​s in using evidence-based methods rooted in neuroscience, emphasizing connection, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, psychological safety, and leadership development. We believe these are essential components of effective organizations. With our team of experts, we collaborate to incorporate our assessments, and custom-create metrics to identify culture, team dynamics, cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, and psychological safety through interviews, observations, and assessments.

Data that will return your investment. We value your investment as much as you do.  Knowing what works, how, and when it is working is vital information for sustainable change.


Let's work together to bring out the best in your people!

Custom metrics are a great option when challenges are uncertain, or you want to take a multi-layer approach.

Through interviews, observations, and surveys, Purpose & Policy can help your organization determine the ideal blend of assessments.



Organizational culture is important to the fabric of your company and people. Culture significantly impacts your teams, goals, and outcomes.

Even the best companies with the most resources need to reassess and redefine their culture. Even though culture is difficult to identify, it is also malleable and can be easily shaped by its leaders.



Uncover and Conquer Team Dysfunctions: Identifying and addressing dysfunction is crucial for building effective teamwork. By identifying and overcoming these root causes, teams can foster trust, engage in constructive debate, achieve clarity and commitment, hold each other accountable, and prioritize team results over individual ambition.

Embrace strategies to develop trust, redefine failure, and approach disagreement with curiosity.


C-Suite/Venture Capital

Unlock Your Leadership Potential: As a C-suite leader or venture capital firm, you understand the critical role of leadership and organizational development.


Our firm specializes in guiding top executives and venture capital firms to harness the full potential of their leadership teams and portfolio companies.

C-Suite/Venture Capital

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